Assistent Original

Swedish Quality Since 1940

The legendary Swedish food processor is now available in the UK through Pure Cookshop, the retailer for Hot Ideas Limited.

Ankarsum Assistent Original is a design icon; the kitchen machine was first produced in Sweden in 1940. The award-winning machine is a remodel of the original and was designed to satisfy modern-day requirements: even more power, sturdier features and a guarantee extended from five to seven years. The Assistent Original kneads and stirs, mixes and beats, grates, shreds, purées and blends, grinds coffee beans, crushes cereal flakes, rolls pasta, minces meat and stuffs sausages. It can also effortlessly handle up to five kilograms of dough.

Each Ankarsrum Assistent Original basic package includes accessories to make cooking easier and provides invaluable help when baking everything from sponge cakes to sourdough loaves. The deluxe package and a wide range of accessories can be added optionally. It is available in fourteen different colours.

The Assistent features a large 7 litre stainless steel bowl that can hold up to 5kg of dough. The mixer has a unique roller and scraper design that mimics the action of kneading by hand. For heavier doughs, a large dough hook can be used.

Unlike other stand mixers, the Assistent rotates the bowl rather than the dough hook.

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Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2018

The Assistent has consistently come top in consumer tests in Sweden.

"The Kitchen Innovation of the Year award is among the most coveted in the industry as it is based on consumer ratings and therefore enjoys high esteem as an eminent recommendation to buy. Now consumers have elected the Ankarsrum Assistent Original kitchen machine as the Best of the Best - Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2018 in the Small Electrical Appliances category. The qualifier Best of the Best is awarded to products with the best overall score in their category. The reason for this very special commendation: the latest model of this traditional machine impresses with outstanding functionality, innovation, product benefit, design and sustainability."

7 Year Warranty

Built with renowned Swedish quality, every Assistent comes with a 7 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Made in Sweden

Made in the town of Ankarsrum for over 40 years, the Assistent is entirely made in Sweden. The motor,  aluminium castings and plastic moldings are all manufactured locally.